Scientific Advisory Committee

All the KVKs have constituted the Scientific Advisory Committee as per the guidelines of ICAR which comprises of representatives from ICAR institutes, State Agriculture University, Development departments of the District, Media personnel, Financial institutions and progressive farmers and farm women. Apart from the members special invitees also attend the meeting. On an average 16 members and 4 invitees attend each Scientific Advisory Committee meeting of KVK.
The Scientific Advisory Committee meetings are conducted to get necessary guidance and support to carry out the mandated activities of KVK in a more planned and scientific manner. The composition of the Committee by the KVKs is furnished herewith

Scientific Advisory Committee Members

1. Head of the Host institute : Chairman/Chairperson.
2. Director Extension of concerned SAU : Member
3. Zonal Coordinator of the concerned Zone : Member
4. Representative of ICAR Instt./ ICAR Regional Research Station if located in the District or nearby : Member
5. Associate Director Research & Extension of the Zonal research Station in which KVK is located : Member
6. District officers of the line departments such as Agriculture, Horticulture, Animal Husbandry, Soil conservation, Social/Agroforestry, Sericulture, Fisheries, Irrigation, Social welfare, small scale industries etc : Member
7. Representative of the Lead Bank of the District. : Member
8. Farm Radio officer of the AIR in which KVK is located. : Member
9. Representative of Doordarshan Centre in which KVK is located. : Member
10. Two Representatives of the farmers one small and one big nominated by the Head of host Instt : Member
11. Two Representatives of farm women nominated by the Head of host Instt : Member
12. Programme Coordinator : Member Secretary

Scientific Advisory Committee Recommendations

1st SAC
  • KVK in association with the district Animal Husbandry department will take up animal health camps in villages to check poultry and kid mortality.
  • Exploitation of forest resources by taking up honeybee and lac rearing activities in nearby villages.
  • Control measures for fruit sucking moth and die back disease in sweet orange.
  • To grow white onion for getting very good profit in adjacent states.
  • Reclamation of acid soil through liming for increasing the yield.
  • Azolla multiplication in farmers’ backyard for supplementing cattle and poultry feed apart from its application in paddy field.

2nd SAC
  • Strong linkage between KVK and line departments to execute all mandatory activities for the development of farming community.
  • Scientific research should be conducted by the scientist of KVK and every works from Agriculture to Pisciculture are mandatory for KVK.
  • Work upon the value addition of fruits and vegetables along with production of export quality fruits by the farmers for better profit.
  • To include a programme on floriculture in the action plan.
  • To make at least two model village in organic farming.
  • More SC & ST people should be included in every programme of KVK.
  • To adopt pond based farming system.
  • Extend full support to line departments for better execution of different schemes such as ATMA, Horticulture mission, Farmer’s club etc. operated under Agriculture, Horticulture department & NABARD.
  • Construct a vermi-compost unit in the instructional farm of KVK.Watershed management in hilly / undulating areas.
  • To develop a spawn production unit by exploring financial assistance from the district rather than procurement from Bhubaneswar.
  • Demonstrate the cone weeder only in SRI method of rice cultivation.

3rd SAC
  • Demonstration on rice transplanter to be continued at least in 10 villages.
  • Popularization of SRI method in command areas.
  • Testing of the RRTTS, Chiplima model for effective utilization of water logged areas.
  • Use of paper mill sludge in demonstration under acid soil.
  • Farm mechanization in orchard crop.
  • Technology to be developed for controlling fruit sucking moth.
  • OFT on use of combined harvester and other machines in sesamum.
  • Since sesame is the leading crop, the stalk to be tried in oyster mushroom cultivation including off season paddy straw mushroom cultivation.
  • Marigold cultivation may be popularized instead of gladioli.
  • Introducing onion variety Bhima super and Agrifound dark red in place of Arka Pragati during Kharif.
  • FLD on rejuvenation of old citrus orchard.
  • Introduction of both Banaraja and Grampriya poultry birds under backyard system.
  • Increasing beneficiaries to 40 under OFT under assessment of the impact of e-krishi sandesh.

4th SAC
  • Undertake campaigns to popularize agriculture machines in the district.
  • Assessment of hybrid rice cultivation in the district under OFT programme.
  • Use of PMS extensively in all programme.
  • Taking measures in citrus orchards against climatic change.
  • Awareness for Banaraja breed of poultry should be developed among rural people. It should be popularized in tribal areas.
  • The number of farmers enrolling in distance education should be increased to 100.
  • Kissan mela should be organized in adopted village during this year involving all the line departments.
  • Arhar to be taken under Revolving fund seed production activities in 2ha in KVK farm.
  • The old unproductive cashew orchard of the farm should be removed.
  • Project on IFS should be taken up under RKVY.
  • Line department officers should be aware about the KVK activities.
  • Drudgery measuring instruments should be purchased in KVK to assess the efficiency of agril. implements.
  • Red chilli varieties for dried purpose should be taken under OFT programmes.&nbsp.
  • The SMS (H.Sc.) to cover all the 30 mushroom growing SHGs under vocational training.
  • One quintal of fresh mushroom per month should be produced in KVK farm by SMS Home Science and 20 tons of vermi-compost should be produced per year.
  • OFT to be taken in assessing the best green gram, black gram and arhar variety for the district.


5th SAC
  • Campaign for popularisation of agricultre machineries is to be taken during the year particularly during celebration of technological week.
  • Assessment of hybrid rice cultivation for Deogarh district has been taken up in the OFT programme during Kharif 2011-12.
  • Paper mill sludge has been applied in all the OFTs and FLD programmes.
  • Performance of Banaraja poultry birds among tribals has already been taken in the FLD programmes.
  • Steps are being taken up to enroll 100 farmers under distance education programme.
  • Kissan mela was conducted on 31.3.2011 in adopted village Kailash involving line department officers.
  • Arhar seed production programme in 2ha has been taken up in the KVK farm
  • Cutting down the old cashew orchard will be taken up in Rabi 2011-12.
  • Project on integrated farming system has been sanctioned under RKVY work will be initiated shortly.
  • Drudgery reducing implements will be purchased by KVK after receiving funds under farm development during the current year 2011-12.
  • SMS (HSc.) has started mushroom cultivation involving SHGs members in different blocks.
  • SMS (HSc.) is taking up steps to produce 20 tons of vermicompost per year in the instructional farm.
  • Steps on assessing suitable green gram, black gram and arhar variety has been taken up in the instructional farm of KVK.

6th SAC
  • KVK in association with the district Animal Husbandry department will take up animal health camps in villages to check poultry and kid mortality.
  • More emphasis should be given on value addition of watermelon
  • SMS (Home science) in coordination with DSWO, Deogarh should locate suitable SHGs in the district for storage of Onion.
  • KVK should test bulb nursery method of onion to reduce duration of crop as suggested by the ADH, Deogarh
  • Leaflets on watermelon processing should be prepared.
  • OFT on tissue culture banana taking 2/3 varieties to recommend the best for the district.
  • Usefulness of the poison bait in sweet orange should be tested
  • OFT on best suitable Kharif green gram for the district should be screened.
  • Mulching in watermelon be given due importance
  • OFT/FLD on high valued crops like capsicum, brocolli should be tested for technology generation
  • More number of ex-trainee samellan to be organised
  • Exposure visit to farming systems should be conducted
  • OFTs, FLDs on summer cabbage to be taken up by SMS (Hort)
  • Sericulture to be taken up as FLD in the next action plan
  • The Divisional Forest Officer, Deogarh advised to take the help of VSS and popularize turmeric, yam bean and ginger in the forest areas
  • The ADH Deogarh suggested that the findings may be circulated in a leaflet to all the line departments

7th SAC
  • For of the brown manuring programme is to be taken observing the pre and post health status and counting the number of nodules.
  • While designing the OFTs on INM the pre and post soil status must be recorded.
  • Seed production of onion should be tested in the district
  • FLD on sericulture should be on silk worm rearing not mulberry.
  • The toxicity effect of parad tablets must be tested or help of DWA be taken before going for the programme on safe storage of food grains by parad tablet.
  • The substrate for oyster mushroom cultivation needs no more testing as tested earlier
  • Chhabro breed of poultry should be tested against Banaraja.
  • AHO, Deogarh suggested that SMS(Hort) may take observations from the sweet orange mother nursery established in Deogarh farm.
  • DDA, Deogarh suggested that demonstrations on weed management in pulse and oilseed should be conducted by KVK.
  • Two field days must be organised for each FLD.
  • Export oriented non-basumati rice should be popularised
  • Kharif tomato FLDs be taken giving emphasis on management practices only
  • Quality FYM production trainings be conducted


8th SAC
  • The Collector and District Magistrate, Deogarh advised KVK to explore the possibilities of taking mahua as a cooked vegetable food towards food security in the district.
  • New technologies on rainfed farming should be tested for the district
  • The Collector advised to cover the four Panchayats of Laimura area and Paudibhuayan inhabiting villages under KVK activities.
  • CDVO, Deogarh urged to include the technology of azolla as cattle feed be popularized in the district though extension activities
  • Floriculture in the district should be popularized, opined Lead Bank Manager, Deogarh.
  • Innovative practices of the farmers be popularized through KVK News letter as suggested by the District Collector.
  • Studies on medicinal crops should be taken in the climatic condition of Deogarh District.
  • Dean Extension Education, OUAT advised KVK to take up organic farming in various crops.
  • Entrepreneurial development in horticulture programmes be taken up by KVK.
  • Steps should be taken by KVK for diversification to Oilseed, Pulse crops against rice cropping.

9th SAC
  • Chairman suggested to popularize medicinal plant cultivation like Alovera & Tulsi by SMS (Home Science) through OFT/FLD.
  • OFT/FLD on organic farming should be taken using vermicompost.
  • AGM, NABARD suggested to popularize different income generation activates like mushroom cultivation, value addition, poultry among SSGs.
  • Different parameters on biofertilizers should be tested.
  • More training should be imparted for balance fertilizer application.
  • AHO, Deogarh suggested for OFT on fruit dropping.
  • AAO, Deogarh suggested to test the new herbicides in farming situation.
  • More literature like booklet, leaflet should be developed for dissemination for new technology among farmers.
  • Fodder cultivation should be promoted for diary.

10th SAC
  • Chief Guest suggested to popularize different women friendly farming implements to reduce drudgery & cultivation of azolla and different fodders for diary development.
  • Chairman suggested to increase vegetable cultivation through NGOs help.
  • ACF suggested to popularize medicinal plant cultivation.
  • Organic farming should be popularize.
  • DDA suggested to apply Zinc & Boron in sunflower cultivation.
  • DWO emphasized to impart more trainings for entrepreneur development in SC & ST community.
  • DSWO suggested to develop literatures on low cost supplementary food for children.
  • PD, Watershed suggested to conduct different KVK activities in watershed areas.


11th SAC
  • Chief Guest suggested to popularize different women friendly farming implements to reduce drudgery & integrated farming system for income generation. Literature should be developed to disseminate new technologies.
  • ADR, RRTTS, Chiplima, Sambalpur suggested to popularize course cereals cultivation like ragi, oat etc.
  • Chairman suggested to increase the beneficiaries and training duration for imparting knowledge and skills in different.
  • DDA suggested to popularize some cold tolerant pulse varieties.
  • CDVO suggested to impart some skill oriented trainings on goatery, poultry and diary.

13th SAC
  • Chief Guest suggested to popularize integrated farming system for income generation of farming community.
  • CDVO suggested to organize animal heath camp with collaboration of KVK
  • ADH suggested to impart honeybee training for popularization of Apiculture in the district.
  • District Fishery Officer suggested to make identity of fishery science in the district with convergence of line departments activities
  • Farmers Representative suggested to make KVK as model E-KVK for instant access by the farmers of the district as and when required.


14th SAC
  • Integrated farming system should be  popularized
  • Popularisation of BPH tolerant  paddy variety
  • Training programme should be organised on Apiculture
  • Kharif tomato area and quality should be increased
  • Advisories on agriculture and allied sector should be sent by KVK
  • Quality of litchi be improved

15th SAC
  • PD, DRDA suggested to popularize Integrated Farming System for income generation of farming community.
  • ADH suggested to popularize new variety of sweet potato and Apiculture in the district.
  • CDAO suggested to promote drought tolerant and BPH resistant rice variety
  • AGM, NABARD suggested to every department to present success stories of their own.
  • DPM, OLM suggested to promote organic farming.