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ISOPAM Maize Rabi 2012-13

    State: Odisha
    Name of the Agency Conducted FLD: KVK, Deogarh
    Total area under Maize in the state during 2012-13 (Rabi) : 12910 ha
    Average yield of maize in the state during Rabi 2012-13 :2935 kg/ha
    Total production in the state during Rabi 2012-13 : 37890 mts
    Average yield of check/control plot (q/ha) :25.2q/ha
    Name of Village: Kailash
    Average productivity of Village: 17.95q/ha
    Average productivity of District: 11.67q/ha
    Average productivity of State: 22.91q/ha
Funds released by ICAR (Rs.) Funds utilized for FLD Variety/ Hybrid Total No. of FLDs conducted in acre

Average yield of FLDs ( q/ha)

Difference in average yield of FLDs and state average yield(q/ha) % increase over state average yield
42855 42855 Super-36 30 50.5 20.15 68.96
Overall Assessment Report :
    Farmers became aware on Rabi maize production technology
Report on Field Days held :
    • Field day was attened by the DAO, Deogarh, AAO Tileibai and ATMA officials
    • Crop was found excellent
    • Marketing of the produce seemed to be the major problem as the district has less potentiality for maize marketing
    • Farmer prefer to harvest maize in green cobs instead of seeds
    • Increasing cost of fertilizer reducing the farmers interest in cultivation
Total expenditure incurred by the Agency/University/Organization :
Heads Amount (Rs.)
Seeds 17400.00
Fertilizer 24957.00
Extension activities 498.00
Total 42855.00