Smt.Sulochana Kisan

Village : Kenduchhapal
Post : Tileibani
Block : Tileibani , District : Deogarh
Mobile : 966898656
Age : 25 years
Qualification : 10th class
Experience : 3 years
Social Recognization : Secretary WSHG

Goatery : A Boon for Livlihood Support.

Mrs.SulochanaKishan is a young schedule tribe woman of Kenduchhapal village of Tileibani block. She was rearing two male and three female goats of local breed. Inspite of her maximum involvement in goat rearing she could not generate higher income due to high rate mortalilty and less productivity. KVK, Deograh impressed upon her to strengthen her SHG, got loan and start commercial goat farming. With the assistance of Local Veterinary Surgeon, deworming of kids, mineral mixture supplementation and feed management techniques were provided to her. Financial assistance of bank helped her developing their economic capacity. Timely vaccination and caring has lowered down the mortality and increased the body weight of goats. Now she has seventy goats and her net annual incomed reached upto Rs.50,000-She has developed linkages with the traders of the district for marketing of the goats.

Her success inspired other landless women of her village and in most of the households of Kenduchhapal, now goatery is a sustainable profiting livelihood option