Sri JagannathPradhan

Village : Khilaberani
Post : Kundheigola
Block : Reamal , District : Deogarh
Mobile : 9437602393
Age : 54 years
Qualification : 10th
Total Land : 10 Acre
Cultivable Land : 5 Acre
Agril.Experience : 30 years
SocialRecognization : Leading sweet orange grower

Sweet Orange cultivation : Income is more than the expenditure

Mr.JagannathPradhan lives in Khilaberini village of Reamal block. He had 5 acres of unproductive old sweet orange orchard. Improper management and caring had left to low productivity of his orchard.

He came in contact with KrishiVigyan Kendra, Deogarh during 2006-07 while visiting the District Agriculture Office. He interacted with the scientists and followed their instructions in rejuvenating the orchard. IPDM control measures were taken by the scientists under OFT programme to check infestation of fruit socking moth and die-back disease. Micronutrients like Ca, B & Zn were applied on the basis of soil test report.

Now he is harvesting 690 qtl. ofdelicioius, tasty sweet orange from his 2 ha of orchard. His net income from the orchard has risen upto Rs.3,20,000/-.

He is now a self-contained advanced farmer of the district. His orange orchard has got a name among the traders of Angul, Rourkela and Cuttack markets. A farmers club has been organised in Khilaberini under his leadership.